Outdoor roller blinds
Weather resistance.

A wide range of different outdoor systems (with headbox, ZIP, verandas, etc.), prepared to withstand the weather and the strong winds. Our outdoor roller blinds can be perfectly integrated in all types of facades and exterior architecture.  
From top to bottom, or even inverted, the solutions meet the most demanding technical requirements for outdoor solar protection.  
We study each case to find the best system according to the architectural and functional need of each project.


Design and protection in any position. An outdoor technical system designed to cover verandas or large glazed areas. Vertical, horizontal, or inclined, it is equipped with an effective system to keep the tension of the fabric constant in any position. 
Motor driven. For optimum use of light and sunlight.


Large spaces protected by unique technical systems. An outdoor roller blind to cover areas up to 8 metres wide in an elegant way. It is a cable guided system, extremely versatile.

The upper cable rods rotate to adapt to the optimal position of the fixings in relation to the wall.


Maximum stability and protection outdoors. Tauten is a sophisticated forced traction system with gas pistons, incorporated in the hem bar in guided outdoor roller blind systems, which ensures a greater stability.

Thanks to the progressive tension they exert on the fabric, they effectively counteract the force of the wind by adapting the tension to its intensity.