REDUCE and DELAY discoloration

UV protection films

REDUCE and DELAY discoloration with Solarcheck UV protection films


FPS +285

Protect against harmful UV rays


-99,9% UV

Filter and reduce ultraviolet radiation by more than 99.9% and preserve the good condition of furniture.



REDUCE and DELAY discolouration 

Solar Control



UV Protection

Even though they are invisible, UV rays cause harmful effects, not only on our skin, but also on fabrics, furniture, art objects, etc.

Solarcheck UV protection films filter and reduce ultraviolet radiation penetrating through glass by more than 99% and can reduce the sun’s infrared radiation by up to 95%.

By reducing ultraviolet and infrared radiation, we help preserve the good condition of furniture by delaying and reducing the discolouring effects from the sun and its excessive heat. .

Reducing the discoloring effects from the sun

Preservation of the good condition of furniture and goods on display

Solarcheck UV protection films specifically for shop windows

Solar Protection Factor SPF 285+

Solar Protection Factor (SPF) is a measure of the absorption of ultraviolet rays and indicates the maximum time of exposure to the sun without risk of burning. The higher this index, the longer the protection time provided (all Solarcheck products filter out more than 99% of UV rays)

What factors cause discoloration?

It is generally believed that discoloration is only caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and that blocking them the problem is solved. This is a very common mistake.

Although UV radiation is the main cause of discoloration, there are other agents with a discolouring effect that cannot always be eliminated.

Solarcheck UV protection films rejet more than 99% of UV rays and up to 95% of infrared rays, allowing you to extend the exposure time of goods in good condition.