Outdoor ZIP Systems roller blinds – Weather resistance

A wide range of different outdoor systems (with headbox, ZIP, verandas, etc.), prepared to withstand the weather and the strong winds. Our outdoor roller blinds can be perfectly integrated in all types of facades and exterior architecture.

From top to bottom, or even inverted, the solutions meet the most demanding technical requirements for outdoor solar protection.

We study each case to find the best system according to the architectural and functional need of each project.



Resistance with elegance and excellent solar protection. ZIP is an outdoor roller blind system with headbox and lateral guides with a zip welded in the vertical profile of the fabric. The zip keeps the fabric in tension and prevents it from pulling out of the guides, offering much greater resistance than conventional systems.

ZIP is ideal for installations that require wind resistance and/or total blackout, as it completely closes the side spaces, preventing light filtration.

With mechanical motor drive, it can also be used indoors.



Double fabric. Multiple solutions in a single system.

Double fabric roller blind with headbox and exclusive ZIP design that guarantees firmness, preventing the fabric from slipping out of the side guides. High stability and wind resistance. Total closure. Multiple solutions in a single system, depending on the customer’s needs.



An innovative system of extraordinary resistance and maximum protection against insects.

Motorised roller mosquito net system with headbox and ZIP design that guarantees the firmness of the fabric, preventing it from slipping out of the side guides.
High stability and wind resistance. Total closure, maximum protection against mosquitoes. Recommended for large dimensions.