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A technologically advanced quality coating for solar protection in domes and skylights. 

SolarShield thermo-reflective varnish

The incidence of sunlight, especially on horizontal or inclined planes, is very high and infrared radiation generates excessive internal heat that is difficult to air-condition. Once applied to surfaces made of glass or other plastic and synthetic materials (polycarbonate, etc.) SolarShield solar protection varnish reflects heat, acting as a solar shield, which improves internal comfort and allows buildings to be more energy-efficient, thanks to its thermo-reflective properties. SolarShield thermo-reflective varnish is a polymeric, glossy, translucent, light- and weather-resistant product that repels a high percentage of infrared radiation due to its special composition. It makes the surface opaque, but the white color allows optimal light to pass through and reduces heat and glare. It is suitable for application on glass, polycarbonate and other plastic materials that need protection from heat and glare.

Advantages of SolarShield solar protection varnish  

Our thermo-reflective varnish rejects 71.1 % of solar energy and 99 % of UV rays and enables energy saving:

  • Optimum internal temperature for a productive working environment. 
  • Protection of people and goods against UV radiation. 
  • Heat insulation. 
  • Glare reduction. 
  • Improves aesthetic appearance. 
  • Long service life.   
  • Avoids excessive use of air conditioning. 
  • Reduce electricity consumption. 
  • Optimal diffuse light, non-directed light.


Where to use SolarShield solar protection varnish

SolarShield is an effective solution for domes, skylights and ceilings made of glass, polycarbonate, methacrylate, and other synthetic materials that allow light to enter, but also IR rays, generating the characteristic ‘greenhouse effect’ that is very difficult to air-condition. This thermo-reflective varnish is designed for application on transparent surfaces that suffer from excessive heat and glare. Solar protection varnish is used in industrial buildings and warehouses, but also in commercial and residential buildings. The absence of heat insulation can lead to uncomfortable and unproductive working environments, and even cause damage to people and exposed goods. In work environment, the health of workers must be ensured while carrying out their daily activities. Being exposed to the sun’s rays for long periods can lead to health risks. Goods and machinery exposed to sun and excess heat can also be damaged by UV radiation. All in all, a state-of-the-art solution that is practical to apply and provides optimal solar insulation for those situations where it is not possible to install solar control films. 

Technical Data

Visible Light Transmitted 21,8%
Visible Light Absorbed 66,1%
Visible Light Reflected 12,1%
Solar Energy Transmitted 28,3%
Solar Energy Absorbed 15,2%
Solar Energy Reflected 56,5%
Total Solar Energy Reflected
Total UV Rejected 99,9%
Solar Factor 0,32