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ComputerCut, the best tool for the professional film installer.

Speed and efficiency for your business. Added value for your customers.

Computerized pattern cutting software for window tinting

ComputerCut computerized cutting system is a powerful working tool for the professional film installer. It consists of a computer program (software) and a cutting plotter (hardware). ComputerCut database gives you access to auto window tinting, paint protection films (PPF), architectural window films and other vinyl.  The ComputerCut plotter takes the download pattern, and an automated cutting takes place in a matter of minutes, with great precision, almost eliminating the margin of error and the risk of damage to car parts.  It’s the most efficient and hassle-free pattern cutting process imaginable, as the time necessary to cut is far less that the time necessary to cut a job by hand.

All the window templates of a vehicle are cut in less than two minutes.

Speed, economy, and accuracy. Work with unprecedented speed and precision.

Work faster than even before! ComputerCut reaches a level of accuracy and precision that no human being can achieve.

The program has a very rich database containing all the car window patterns of the models currently on the market and most of the older models. The database is constantly updated with templates of new car models that are launched on the market. Even if you have experience on window tinting, you can spend this time doing other activities. ComputerCut will take care of cutting!

ComputerCut, the optimum choice


Precision and customer satisfaction.

Uniform and regular cutting of templates, avoiding cutting directly on car windows. Safety, less chance of any damage in your customer’s car, more precision and speed. Benefits to everyone!


Cost reduction

The computerized pattern cutting software eliminates up to 20% of waste generated by hand cutting. Patterns are sized, then arranged on screen to make the maximum use of the film. It reduces material consumption and consequently supply costs and saves time to dedicate to other activities


Reduced Learning Curve

Training of new installers in less than half the time, higher quality customer service. 



Car window tinting, paint protection film, architectural film, and other vinyl to personalize… diversify your business!