Clearshield Pro is the revolutionary system to protect the car’s paint without changing the original appearance. Now we boosted Clearshield Pro performance with the latest paint protection innovation, Clearshield Pro Hydro, with industry leading StainX technology which gives the product water-repellant properties, protecting your vehicle from unsightly stains. Its hydrophobic, crosslinked design immediately beads up and repels water, mud and grime.

Advanced polymer technology provides self-healing properties, helping minor scratches disappear.

Customers can enjoy a clean and glossy look and spend less time washing the car.

The best shield for your car

Highly formable material.
Wrap edges, bumpers and mirrors with ease, while reducing seams and relief cuts.

Blue contrast liner.
Save time, money and wasted material with greater visibility of cut lines.

Avialable in 152 cm. width.



Solarcheck Paint Protection film



A tough, durable, and clear barrier that protects the original painted surface for a long time. 

Clearshield PRO is the most revolutionary product for the protection of your vehicle.

Visually undetectable once installed, CLEARSHIELD PRO is a Paint Protection Film that protects the most exposed parts of your vehicle from scratches, chips and harmful environmental contaminants like bug splatter or bird droppings.

Clearshield PRO is a clear self-adhesive film made of polyurethane, designed to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun and other external factors beyond our control that can damage the surface and consequently diminish its attractiveness and market value.

Clearshield PRO does not alter the appearance of the vehicle once installed and adapts perfectly to the shape of the vehicle. Computerized cutting is used to cut the templates for each model available. No special care is required, the vehicle can be cleaned as usual.

Highly stretchable material. Available in a wide range of widths for large applications. High gloss surface and optical clarity allows original paint color to shine through.

To keep your vehicle looking as good as new, maintain the value of your investment or reduce the cost of returning company cars, Clearshield Pro, a solution as clear as its name.