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DTI Solar Protection Solutions

More than 35 years of experience

Our Solarcheck brand is a benchmark among professionals in the sector due to its wide range of products and its excellent quality and guarantees. 
Extensive network of Solarcheck Authorised Centres, equipped with expertise and skills that enable them to offer the highest standards of quality and service. 
At Solarcheck, we are specialists in solar management.  


DTI Solar Protection Solutions

is a European leader distributor in solar control, energy efficiency and safety window films across the automotive and architectural industries. The company was founded in 1986. In October 1992, DTI was the first company to obtain authorization from the Autonomous Government of Catalonia to install films for automobiles and, later, in 2001, it obtained national approvals from the Ministry.  
Today, after more than 35 years in the sector, our Solarcheck brand is a reference among professionals for its wide range of products and the excellent quality and guarantees that it provides.  
We exclusively distribute the products manufactured by Solar Gard Saint Gobain, San Diego (California) in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. 

Throughout this time, we have continued to innovate and to grow in solar control field, expanding our range of products with the introduction of our technical blinds and Coverglass systems, produced in our own manufacturing plant.  
We also have extensive experience in contract projects. We study each project in detail to find the best solution, according to the architectural and functional needs of the users.  
Experience, tenacity, transparency and enthusiasm are the core values that guide us in everything we do. The combination of the use of the best materials, the most advanced production techniques and processes and a personalized customer service allows us to provide solutions to the many requests and needs we receive every day.

DTI Solar Protection Solutions

is the “Alma Mater” of the DTI Group, currently formed by 3 other companies: NTI Integrated Solutions, InSitu Obras y Proyectos and Meyclima. 

Our headquarters are in Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona and we have our own branch in Madrid. 


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