Functionality, user comfort and elegant appearance

Roller blinds have been the undisputed protagonists of the last few years, thanks to their versatility, simplicity, and comfort of use, without sacrificing their elegant and minimalist appearance. 
Manufactured with highly resistant materials and components that guarantee a long service life, they are combined with a wide range of technical fabrics of the highest quality and performance, without compromising on cutting-edge design. They perfectly integrate with the architecture of any building. 
An efficient and modern solar protection, energy saving and privacy solution that guarantees maximum visual comfort. 
We offer multiple drive systems and automation choices (manual, battery-powered, mechanical, etc.), ideal even in spaces that are difficult to access.

S35 System
S45 System
ELITE System
M49 / M60 System
S80 PRO System
  • Ideal for very small dimensions. It fits perfectly on small windows.
  • Minimalist and very aesthetic look.
  • Easy-lift spring assist booster in option for a faster and easier maneuvering.
  • Snap-on slim bracket cover.
  • Aluminum tube Ø35 mm.
  • Plastic or metal chain.
S45 System
  • Excellent functionality and aesthetics with a robust and minimalist composition at the same time.

  • S45 chain control system. Up to 10 mm Idler extension in 1 mm increments allowing for precise adjustments in the installation.

  • High polish finish.

  • New two-piece snap-lock winder assembly for an easier and safer chain insertion. Reduce chain assembly time by up to 75%.

  • Advanced snap-lock booster fitment.

  • Steel brackets with plastic covers available in two lengths.

Mechanism for Solarcheck roller blinds ELITE System
  • Exclusive Solarcheck system.
  • Steel brackets with aestethical thermoplastic covers.
  • ø43 mm T6063 T6 UNI 8278 aluminium tube.
  • 060 T60 UNI 8278 extruded aluminium hem bar with thermoplastic endcaps.
  • System with clutch 1.4 (One meter of chain carries 40 cm of fabric).
M49-M60 System
  • System with clutch 1.4.


  • Aesthetic, efficient, durable, and silent. Steel brackets and plastic covers.

  • Made of fibreglass reinforced nylon, a thermoplastic with high performance and durability.

  • Ø49 o Ø60 mm extruded aluminium T6 6060 roller tube.

  • Optional decorative brackets Deco and Gran Deco for an extra in design and decoration.

S80 PRO System


  • Ø60 mm or Ø80 mm extruded aluminium T6 tube, depending on the width.
  • Silent end cap with bearings and locking device.
  • Lacquered steel brackets with plastic cover.
  • HIPRO design bracket (minimum discount).
  • Includes mechanical motor, RTS or IO in supplement.
  • Ø20 mm aluminium hem bar.
  • Optional cable guide allows the S80 system to be installed indoors and outdoors.
S80 pro crank


  • A robust crank system for indoor use.
  • Lacquered steel brackets with plastic caps.
  • Ø60 mm or Ø80 mm extruded aluminium T6 tube.
  • Concealed Ø20 mm extruded aluminium hem bar with matching plastic covers.
  • Ø15 mm extruded aluminium crank handle.