Installation of Solarcheck technical roller blinds in several areas of the Barcelona Design Museum.

Solarcheck motorized roller blinds with Somfy radio motors have been installed in the exhibition hall, in the offices and on the three façades of the top floor of the museum, where several exhibitions and activities are held and there was a high incidence of sunlight.

The fabric installed has been a grey colour with a 3% of openness factor, which elegantly dresses the different spaces.


The Barcelona Design Museum has a collection of more than 70.000 objects dating from the 4th century BC to the present day. In this type of building, an efficient control of excess heat and glare is essential to ensure the interior comfort of users and the correct viewing of exhibits. But UV protection also plays a key role to protect the exhibits from discolouration.

Solarcheck solar protection and energy efficiency films have been installed on the outside of the building, which protects against excessive heat, contributes to the building’s energy efficiency, and rejects more than 99% of UV rays. More information about the window film project here.