The global energy crisis and the climate change context is leading to take the necessary steps towards improving energy efficiency in hotels. Solar protection window films for buildings are a quick and effective solution to save money and improve sustainability standards.

The global energy crisis is driving powerful changes that are set to save energy and be more sustainable. The rise in energy prices and the need to reduce pollution to improve environmental health are increasing the renewable energy transition and the energy consumption reduction.

In order to reduce energy consumption, many measures are being implemented. For example, the installation of more energy efficient windows is being promoted, LED lights are being installed, air conditioning equipment is being renewed, building facades and the insulation of buildings in general is being improved.

Buildings are major consumers of energy. In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40% of total energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.

These changes are taking place in all sectors of the economy and at all levels, from private to industry and large-scale, and tourism and hospitality businesses are no exception.

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In this context, tourism and hotel industry in particular face a great challenge and opportunity. A challenge because it must change, it must be adapted to new environmental regulations and social demands. Today’s customers want sustainable companies. And opportunity, because credits are being offered to finance works to improve energy efficiency and because new technologies are emerging every day to meet the objective.

Hotels are heavy consumers of energy.They are usually big buildings which have large windows to offer their customers a good view of the outside and they must maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day. No hotel operator wants his customer to be hot or cold during his stay in a hotel. Therefore, energy consumption in a hotel does not rest, or rests very little.


At Solarcheck we work with hotels and buildings that want to improve energy efficiency and to take a step towards becoming more sustainable. Our field of work is focused on the insulation of buildings. Our products help to significantly reduce energy consumption through the installation of solar protection window films.

Solarcheck solar protection window films allow buildings to considerably reduce air conditioning consumption and, consequently, to reduce energy consumption. They help to keep a comfortable internal temperature improving thermal comfort. 


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Nelva Hotel – Murcia
solar protection films
NH Las Tablas Hotel – Madrid


Solar protection window films for buildings have many benefits. Firstly, because of their performance as a product. They can reject up to 92% of IR rays, so they offer high heat rejection and help to create internal thermal comfort. 

On the other hand, they reject up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays for people’s health and also for the furniture. Over time, the sun has a negative effect on surfaces and discolors them. The films therefore preserve the good condition of furniture.

On the other hand, window films also have an aesthetic component of renovation, modernization and aesthetic change in facades, if desired, and interior privacy.

In addition to these benefits, window films are very simple and quick to install compared to other building works. They can be installed in large areas without interfering with the work dynamics of the establishment and without disturbing the guests.

Therefore, in terms of installation costs and time, and energy efficiency benefits, solar protection films are a great option for hotels.

solar control films in hotels
NH Principe de la Paz Hotel – Aranjuez


Solar window films can be installed at any time of the year, as they do not require any major intervention or inconvenience. Even so, most hotels contact us to adapt their facilities in the months prior to the hottest seasons and, consequently, periods of higher energy consumption due to the use of air conditioning.

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Sun protection films in hotels
Holiday INN Hotel – Madrid


There are many different solar protection window films with different qualities to suit the needs of buildings and customers. For example, if a hotel receives a lot of sun on its windows for a large part of the day and needs to reduce the solar impact, but at the same time does not want to lose natural light or aesthetically change the façade, a film such as Solarcheck Sentinel Plus QX could be installed.

This film is spectrally selective and allows to select within the solar radiation spectrum which waves are rejected and which are transmitted, which transforms them into a high luminosity solution (69% VLT), very high heat rejection (92% IR) and very visually discreet, thanks to the low external brightness.

As another example, if the hotel building receives a lot of heat, but the visibility from outside needs to be reduced to maintain privacy inside, it is possible to select a range of films such as Solarcheck Silver 35.

This is an elegant and discreet film. Thanks to its high reflective power it rejects up to 86% of heat allowing great energy savings linked to the reduction in air conditioning (64% TSER). It offers privacy during the day and a clear and crystalline but soft shine on the façade.

A choice for all seasons

Solarcheck Ecolux low-emissivity solar protection films have state-of-the-art technology. In winter,  these films are able to keep heat inside buildings, acting as thermal insulation and reducing the need for heating. In summer, Ecolux window film rejects heat to the outside, reducing the need for air conditioning, so we can also save on our bills in summer, in addition to contributing to energy savings throughout the year.



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Kaktus Hotel – Alicante
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Ilunion Hotel – Madrid
solar protection window films
Ilunion Hotel – Madrid

At Solarcheck, we have been focused on solar protection for nearly 40 years. We offer many ranges of solar protection films that meet the needs of hotels and our customers. This product guarantees high energy savings by reducing the  use of air conditioning. Therefore, window films are environmentally friendly.

All this, with a quick and efficient installation in order to obtain the best cost-benefit equation in the short and long term.

Write us to to study your case and offer you the best alternative.

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