Solar protection films that provide lower energy costs, more sustainability and higher productivity.

In these summer months, high temperatures also reach offices, which must be adapted so as not to cause thermal discomfort to users and to maintain an optimal and productive working environment. Likewise, it is in these months when the use of air conditioning increases the most, which in turn leads to greater expenditure, both in terms of energy and money.

window films for offices

In the current context of energy rehabilitation, where sustainability has become a top priority, and with sky-high electricity prices, offices are taking advantage of the summer holiday period to adapt their facilities to the current demands of the environment.

Solar protection films are a very efficient solution to deal with excessive heat and reduce energy consumption in offices.


One of the factors affecting air-conditioning energy consumption is the magnitude of the heat load, i.e. the amount of heat energy that must be removed to satisfy optimal indoor temperature conditions. The main factors affecting the heat load are heat transfer through walls and ceilings, outside air infiltration, lighting, and heat transfers through windows and skylights, among others.

Solar protection films reject infrared radiation (up to 91%) and return it to the outside before it is completely absorbed and converted into heat, greatly reducing heat gain through the glass and significantly improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

A way of controlling the excess heat without having to give up natural light and, therefore, without having to have artificially over-lit spaces, another of the factors that would influence the thermal load.

Another benefit of solar protection films for offices is that they have excellent control of the uncomfortable glare that can be generated by reflected light, improving not only thermal comfort, but also optical comfort.

Depending on the type of solar control film chosen and the materials used in its composition, we obtain a product with an aesthetic finish and specific features. Thus, we can also use them to gain greater privacy, modernize the façade and increase security in the event of glass breakage.

Other solutions that help us to reduce energy consumption.

  1. Use blinds with technical fabrics that prevent the entry of heat and reflections during the hours when the sun shines directly on the windows.

2. Good thermal insulation of ceilings and walls.


3. Avoid excessive artificial light.

4. More efficient air-conditioners and regular maintenance of the equipment so that the equipment does not consume more energy than necessary and is in optimal operating condition.


If you need advice on our solar protection films for offices to adapt them and reduce their energy consumption, contact us and our technicians will find the best solution adapted to your needs.

All the companies in Grupo DTI  are focused on improving the efficiency of buildings, which are responsible for more than 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have all the solutions to turn your office into an energy efficient, comfortable and productive place.