New launch! New Sentinel Plus QXN75 solar film is the latest innovation for thermal insulation of windows, offering a range of exceptional benefits to improve the energy efficiency of buildings without compromising on aesthetics.

Increases interior thermal comfort and reduces the energy consumption of buildings without changing the appearance. 

Thanks to the advanced sputtering technology used in its manufacture, this state-of-the-art film has a very low absorption, which makes it applicable to all types of glass, even the most advanced windows.

Features of Sentinel Plus QXN75 solar film

  • Low absorption makes it applicable to most types of glazing, even to advanced windows.  

  • High visible light transmission (71% VLT) in the interior, ensuring bright and welcoming spaces.

  • High heat rejection (up to 61% TSER). Maintains a comfortable internal temperature, reducing the need for air conditioning and, consequently, reducing the building’s energy consumption.

  • Neutral, almost invisible appearance. Very low visible light reflection. No change in visible reflection on the glass.  

  • 10-year warranty thanks to the new improved hardcoat that ensures long life and resistance.

Benefits of Sentinel Plus QXN75 solar laminates

  • Universal compatibility: fits most window types, including most modern glass.

  • Unaltered preservation of the original aesthetics of the building: it maintains a neutral, almost invisible appearance that does not alter the appearance of the façade.

  • Energy efficiency: Reduces energy consumption thanks to its ability to reject heat, improving indoor thermal comfort without compromising the natural light transmitted.


It is an ideal solution for those spaces where it is required to increase internal thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption without sacrificing visible light and without altering the external aesthetics of the facade.

The ideal solar film for all types of glass.

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