External window film with an unequalled combination of high heat rejection (61% TSER) and very high visible light transmission (71% VLT), while not increasing the visible reflection on the glass it is applied on. Neutral, nearly invisible appearance. QXN75 film also has a very low absorption, which makes it a very effective solution applicable to even the most modern types of glazing. 10-year warranty. A perfect solution for glazed spaces where there is a need to increase thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption without sacrificing light and without altering the aesthetics of the facade.


Visible Light

Glass 4 mm.

Glass 4/12/4

TR % Transmittance 71 64
GL % Glare reduction 22 23

Solar Energy

UV % UV blocked @ 300 to 380 nm 99,9 99,9
TSER% Total solar energy rejected 55 61