Low-emissitivity window film Ecolux

Low-emissitivity window film (9% emissitivity) with insulating properties.

Extremely clear film, high light transmittance (68% VLT). Clear views preventing hot spots. U-factor improvement by up to 41%. Ecolux keeps heat out in summer and reflects heat into the building in winter. Comfortable temperatures always. Reduces heating and cooling costs, promoving environmental sustaintability. A new technology that goes beyond the capabilities of other sun protection films.


Visible Light

Glass 4 mm.

Glass 4/12/4

TR % Transmittance 68 61
GL % Glare reduction 24 24

Solar Energy

UV % UV Bloqued @ 300 a 380 nm >99,9 >99,9
TSER% Total Solar Energy Rejected 53 51