The hottest months of the year are upon us, when we make more use of outdoor spaces and the need to open doors and windows to ventilate the interiors increases. Likewise, the presence of mosquitoes and other insects also increases. In today’s environment of global warming, increasingly hot summers and the need to reduce electricity consumption and therefore reduce the use of air conditioning, natural ventilation seems a much more sustainable alternative. Similarly, higher temperatures mean higher numbers of mosquitoes.

Insect Screen

How do we keep our spaces open and keep insects out?

ZIP Insect Screen, an exclusive and innovative system that keeps insects out.

The exclusive motorized ZIP insect screen system offers maximum protection against insects. Functionality, efficiency and the most elegant aesthetics for big projects.

It is a motorized roller mosquito screen with drawer and zip design that allows a total enclosure and extraordinary wind resistance. This is achieved thanks to the welded zip in the fabric, which is introduced inside the rail and prevents it from slipping out of the guides, achieving a totally hermetic and resistant product.

A product that stands out for its design, elegance and practicality, both in terms of use and installation.

Unlike a conventional insect screen, the fabric used is not a wire-type fabric, but is made of a polyscreen fabric with a 50% opening, i.e. a polyester fibre coated with PVC, which makes it very resistant for outdoor use. The fabric can be black or grey, and provides optimum visibility. With a silent motorization, the insect screen fabric is completely hidden inside the box when it is not required.

ZIP insect screen is a very easy to install system and can be applied in sizes of up to 4.5 metres wide by 3.5 metres high.

An ideal system for terraces, porches, outdoor garden areas and large windows in houses, restaurants and hotels. The ZIP insect screen not only protects against insects, but also acts as a barrier against pollen and other airborne particles.

Comfortable summers both indoors and outdoors.