Home, sweet home. And in winter more than ever… Staying in a warm and cosy interior is the best refuge for those days when the thermometer drops.

And with the cold snap… Who doesn’t feel like going indoors in a robe with the heating on full blast? But the energy crisis and the explosion in electricity and gas prices are making winter a little tougher than usual.

How do we keep internal warm in winter, without incurring high economic and energy costs?

Comfort, sustainability and savings on your bills all year round with Solarcheck Ecolux energy efficiency window films.

Solarcheck Ecolux energy efficiency window films are an excellent choice for all seasons.

Windows are one of the main leakage points through which most heat is lost in buildings.

In winter, these films are able to keep heat inside buildings, acting as thermal insulation and reducing the need for heating. Solarcheck Ecolux low-emissivity films are able to reduce the thermal transmittance through the glass by up to 41%, keeping the heat inside.

On the other hand, in summer, Ecolux window film rejects heat to the outside, reducing the need for air conditioning, so we can also save on our bills in summer, in addition to contributing to energy savings throughout the year.

Ecolux window film

Ecolux energy efficiency window films increase comfort, save energy and reduce energy bills without major building work.

Solarcheck energy efficiency window films are easy to install, without the need for tedious building work. They also reject +99% of harmful UV rays and prevent discolouration of furniture and carpets indoors.

In addition, Ecolux window films are transparent, allowing a large amount of natural light to pass through (almost 70% VLT), which allows a great use of natural light.

Solar Control window films are an excellent option for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and homes, which also allows us to significantly increase internal comfort and save on electricity and gas bills 365 days a year.